Eight Cars that Depreciate Least Over Time


What according to you is the costliest part of owing a car? Is it fuel, taxes or maintenance? Surprisingly it is the depreciation value that really hits hard. A new car is a big investment but not always the wise one. As soon as a new car moves out of the dealer’s parking lot, its value instantly plummets. This gets more tedious and stressful with certain makes and models.

You will be surprised to find that your new car loses more than 15% of its retail value right within the first year. This can go up to 60% in the consecutive two years. There are variety of factors like the price, running cost and quality that decides the depreciation value.

However, a major concern is why anyone will stick to a vehicle that loses its value so quickly? It is because you are not aware of the models that can withstand the test of time better than others. With the cars mentioned below, you can actually get a better value for your money over the life of your vehicle. Indeed, the value of one of these cars increases after the first year of ownership.

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-VAverage Decrease in Price after 12 Months of Ownership: 9%

Honda generally holds a high value and is known for making safer, cheaper and reliable cars for the entire family. If you want all the benefits of Honda Pilot in a smaller package, then CR-V is best for you. Thanks to its good ride quality and proven reliability, Honda CR-V is highly regarded by car owners. We recommend buying new models as their deprecation value with 9% for the first year is the lowest in the market.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota FJ CruiserAverage Decrease in Price after 12 Months of Ownership: 8.7%

If you have a Toyota FJ Cruiser, you would be amazed to find that this retro-themed FJ is worth more than your imagination. With its rough and tumbled truck-based SUV, Toyota reignited the spark of the FJ40 series of Land Rover. While this old-school body-on-frame SUV has been known for its superior off road capabilities, you will also value it for having lowest depreciation rates.

Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes G-ClassAverage Decrease in Price after 12 Months of Ownership: 8%

While we are waiting for the 2017 Mercedes Benz G-Class, we have to admit that the makes in the market are as robust as the upcoming one. Built on an antiquated system, G-Class is a luxury midsize, cross-country vehicle. Since the production started in 1979, the company made no big changes. It still has the same traditional truck-type body-on-frame construction with outstanding off-road ability. Perhaps, its forever look and strong built makes G-Class so demanding that it could rarely depreciate in value.

Nissan Frontier

Nissan Frontier 2016Average Decrease in Price after 12 Months of Ownership: 7.9%

The company has the longest history in the US amongst import automakers of selling compact and midsize pickup trucks. The current midsize truck of Nissan is the Frontier. With choices between four-cylinder or V-6 power and rear or four-wheel drive, it is a popular choice in light and medium workloads. If you own a Frontier or planning to buy one, stay relaxed as its value decreases at a consistent rate of 7.9% after first year.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep WranglerAverage Decrease in Price after 12 Months of Ownership: 7.1%

Jeeps are among the toughest vehicles that can take on the most intense off-road trails. They have the history of being the most authentic SUV and therefore command the highest resale value. If you have a chance, we recommend buying a new Wrangler.

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota TacomaAverage Decrease in Price after 12 Months of Ownership: 6.9%

2015 Tacoma has many upgrades which simply made this mid-sized truck more reliable and robust. Though lightweight, it allows the driver to haul like a full-sized truck. While the add-ons have certainly made Toyota Tacoma a consumer’s choice to drive the wheels off of without worrying much about gas mileage and repairs, it is also the company’s reputation that adds more value to this extremely durable and long lasting mid-sized truck.

Subaru Impreza

Subaru ImprezaAverage Decrease in Price after 12 Months of Ownership: 3%

One of the best car brands in the US, Subaru is known for making most reliable cars. The Impreza is certainly the best impression of the brand to show that a multi-purpose vehicle can be luxurious, cost effective, and low in maintenance and holds second lowest depreciation value in the country.

Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover 2016

Average Price Increase after 12 Months of Ownership: 3.3%

With a vintage appeal and a built that lasts forever, Land Rover is the only car on our list that’s value increases over the first 12 months of ownership. Land Rovers were first made in 1947 for being used as light farm machinery. Since then their evolution as a G-Class luxury SUV is remarkably faster. They are designed not only to let you own a car that is timeless but is also smoothest in driving. These beauties have a historic appeal and even today, the waiting list fills quickly. Due to this many owners have reportedly sold their Range Rovers for $5,000 above the retail price.


    • Range Rovers built to last forever???


      Total garbage, I know 3 people that own them, nothing but expensive problems. Even worse than my Mercedes GL550, which is also nothing but expensive repairs.
      Stay away from used luxury suvs with air suspensions, if you are smart!

      • What is wrong with air suspension I have it on my 2015 RAM and it rides better than most cars, handles great, even drops down on its own on the highway for better gas mileage. Plus it keeps the ride level. I could have 1500lbs of crap under my tonneau cover and nobody would know.

        • I have it on my 2013 ram and love it great for loading cargo hooking up or dropping trailers and it keeps the unit level the ride is awesome and it drops into aero mode at 100 km for improving fuel economy put it on my 99 ram aftermarket and loved it also never have had a issue I think some people think that imports are better than a good Dodge

      • Land Rovers are just a huge P.O.S.
        Most unreliable vehicles on the road.
        It will take all your current and future paychecks, and break your spirit.

  1. What about Nissan Xtrail? Mine is 12 years old and still great. Battery lasted 8 years! Shocks lasted 10, I drive in mountains and off-road. I get letters asking if I will sell or trade for a Santa Fe. 35 mph on the Hwy, 33 in town. New cars can’t even beat that.

    • XTrail does not make this list for a couple of reasons.
      1. Was only sold in North America for 3 years and,
      2. Was never available in the US.
      Best, most reliable car made by Nissan

    • Bought my 05 X-Trail only 3 years ago, and love it. Replaced my Grand Vitara with it, which was very nice, but a complete gas pig, the main reason I got rid of it. If you keep the X-trail in 2wd mode in summer, you can easily get 35 mpg on the highway. They still sold them in other countries after 2006, can’t figure out why not here. I still see a lot of them around where I live, especially considering the newest ones are already 12 years old

  2. I thought this article was for cars, not trucks, SUVs and 4×4’s. We all know that these types of vehicles depreciate at a slower rate.

    • In states like Colorado and Wyoming those are cars. My Jeep Wrangler is great for our long winters. And can get places that would make a Prius owner cr@p their pants.

  3. Dear dear Dumbledorf totally agree with you. I once bought a brand new Land Rover only to have it depreciate from 59.000 new to 1500. bucks 7 years later with over 25.000 of repairs in the first 3 years
    ouch ouch ouch cold weather starting was non existant, but never showed any signs of rust. My dream car turned into a total nightmare

    • Every study in the world (outside of Britain) has Land/Range Rover as the worst, least reliable car in the market.
      Hunks of junk. And they definitely DO NOT appreciate in value.

      • Even in the UK every non agricultural Land Rover has a bad reputation eg. All Range Rovers and Discovery’s
        As for quotes of depreciation of less than 10 % on any car in the UK is nonsense Any car in the Uk looses 15% – 20% as soon as you drive it out of the show room

        • What part of the country do you live in? Used Ram trucks sell for as much or more than they did new! If you own a Ram with the Cummins diesel you get more than a new one!

    • Land Rover? Brand New? First three years of repair? Wasn’t there a warranty in place or was this Land Rover new to you but not a new vehicle?

  4. More like Land Rover Ad to me. It’s not as reliable as a Toyota. One cannot use Impreza and Outback together since they are not the same.

      • It seems people in the US should start buying what they build instead of buying vehicles built overseas or even built in the US but not the profits though. I worked at the time it was Chrysler, between me and my children we purchased 15 vehicles all were either Ram, Jeep, or Dodge or Chrysler. The Ram has been my favorite we have had 2, a 2009 and a 2015 which we presently own we had a300 limited for a couple years but it had 20 inch rims with super low profile tires ride was terrible so we kept it as long as we needed to took a huge hit but back in aRam pickup. I know this is a car thing but I think some trucks are worthy of a dual distinction. Ram 1500 IMHO is one of the best vehicles we have had. When I need a truck it’s a truck can pull over 10000lbs which for a1500 is plenty, if I want more I get into a2500. When I need to go out on the town my 1500 Sport washes up nicely and sports a great shine and comparable interior to some luxury cars. Next in line is my daughter’s Jeep, we built that as well as the Ram. Of course what she doesn’t know is I put 373 gears, heavy duty suspension all the goodies people might be looking for in a used Jeep to make it a Rick climber or whatever. The way we ordered this stock and the Ram with both get a fair amount when it’s time to trade or sell. The 2009 Ram did real well in trade for the 300, the 300 did not do good but I expect this ram to do real well 392 gears, hemi, sport version, all the bells and whistles except sunroof never liked them

          • Keep May be owned by fiat. Problem is, there’s not enough Fiat in it to make it (slightly more) reliable than a domestic hunk of junk.

        • America only garbage!! Look at them in the streets. Listen how they squeak down the road!! ( American cars are just an idea that never fully process.)

    • You won’t see the big3 because the depreciation calculations always use msrp vs resale price. The big3 heavily discount the msrp when selling cars. So let’s say Chevy has a 20% off sale on new silverado pickups. There is an immediate 20% depreciation the day of the sale as far as articles like this look at it. If the p/u msrp is 45k, you pay 36k (20% off) and you sell it for 33k 12 months later. You lost 3k or 8.3% from depreciation, but this article will say you lost 26.66% from depreciation.

      • Ok, but why are domestics giving such generous discounts? How come Honda, Toyota and Subaru aren’t doing the same? Theresa reason for that, and it’s not cuz domestic retailers are more generous.

  5. Jeeps and especially Land Rovers are very unreliable. Jeeps do hold there value Rovers do not. Easy to find late model ones around for many thousands less than new.
    We have a 2007 FJ been rock solid reliable. Will go anywhere. On the highway you can watch the gas Gauge go down. lol never had a vehicle way has like it. We have owned other 6 cylinder suvs that ate gas but wow

    • Well said, agree 100% reference Land Rovers. Might as well park them at the curb for the garbage truck to take it away.

    • I am on my fourth Jeep, two of those for children. All were still running great at 10 years with no more maintenance than regular oil changes. All driven by teens as well as adults. Could not be happier with the price I got when I sold to purchase newer model. Love spending my money on something other than car repairs.

      • I have a 1999 keep my husband and I bought in 2004 it has over 350,000 miles on it and we have used it believe me! Still our favorite rig never did anything Magee just belts. Runs awesome

    • I am on my fourth Jeep, two of those for children. All were still running great at 10 years with no more maintenance than regular oil changes. All driven by teens as well as adults. Could not be happier with the price I got when I sold to purchase newer model. Love spending my money on something other than car repairs.

      • Sadly, you are in the minority. I am in the warranty business and Jeep equals lots of expensive claims. They have a cult following. Unfortunately, they generally have a mechanic following as well.

  6. When does someone reasonably pay more than retail for a used vehicle that doesn’t start when it is below 5 degrees or there is rain forecast
    The last thing I’d want is a range/Land Rover without a warranty.
    My 1997 BMW 750il sold this year for 3400 with 10,000 needed for repairs that means it depreciated over its lifetime at 5% per year.

  7. The Land Rover really surprised me
    As for Toyotas I had two highlanders limited and sold them after a year each. I sold them In a snap. Depreciation was less than 3%. Can’t say that about my BMWs. Can’t trade them in without a heavy loss

    • Fact: Toyota’s FJ Cruiser is the most sought after car in the Used car market. Don’t believe me? Go ask your local Toyota dealership to show you their waiting list. This is especially odd since it has a big 4 litre engine and off-roading capability that 95% of its owners will never witness.

      • Toyota no longer make the FJ Cruiser. They stopped making them after the 2014 model year.
        But if you want a used one, be ready to pay same price as was paid when they were sold brand new.
        Outstanding SUV, never had a problem with mine.

  8. Related story. A friend of mine bought an early Dutsun 240 Z. The salesman told him drive it four months and if you don’t like it bring it back and we’ll give you all your money back. He was unsure but did it anyway. About six months after his purchase he needed some money and went to the bank. The banker told him he had not payed long enough to borrow money but he got his book out anyway. After looking at the blue book he went out and looked at the car. Came back in and said “You know that car is now worth a lot more than you paid for it.” Those days are over.

  9. you’re all a bunch of idiots… all new computerised cars are junk, from land Rovers down to the lowest of the low. The old cars with with carburettors, points & condenser ignition were and still are the best, easy and cheaper to fix.

    • Not true. All US made cars from 60s 70s 80s were rolling timed junkers. My dad was a Gm and Ford guy. Growing up I remember new Pontiac Catalina’s and Oldsmobile 98’s etc. he would trade them before they would fall apart about every 95,000 miles. Cars are so much better today. My 2016 Subaru wrx can make up to 409 Whp safely by remapping the ECU. It is 268 hp stock. Plugs condensers and points. Ha. Lazy v8 motors that would be burning oil by that time. Poor balance and engineering. Enter the Japs to show us lazy fat asses how to do it.

    • Re:…easy and cheaper to fix. WoW! You agree with the same my husband says and Oh by the way, I like the idiot part-you made me laugh…

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  10. Very interesting list … Jeep and Landrovers have some of the worst car ratings by owners and the industry … and they are selling at low prices in the used car ads … makes one wonder about how articles like this are researched ???

    • Lmao! Where are you seeing used Wranglers advertised cheap? – Or owners rating them poorly? Around here – and just about everywhere (I’m a member of a few national Jeep clubs), they bring top dollar, unless there is something wrong with it (rust, damaged, or bad engine / trans). One that has been taken care of and maintained, even with higher miles will make you open your wallet and dig deep. They are very popular for their versatility with removable roofs and doors as well as all the available upgrades you can do to make it specifically YOURS. Very few owners regret their purchase. Many Jeep owners are return customers or have more than one Wrangler in their stable. They are simple to work on and fun to drive – on or off road. They’re one of the most dependable off road machines you can buy, even bone stock. With just a few modifications, they can go just about anywhere.
      I can’t see me ever being without one.

      • Totally agree my Oscar Mike is the best rig I’ve ever owned … I don’t regret buying it for one second… I can’t see me ever not owning Wranglers from here on out…

        • You are gonna like the 2019 Jeep The name slips away from me but it’s basically at for pickup with small bed. I am a pickup guy and I am considering it

    • I agree. I had leased a Range Rover. I leased a 3 year old with low mileage.
      The WORST piece of crap ever, and I’ve had most types of vehicles. It’s Monty Python British engineering, overly complex, and totally designed for mechanics.
      After 4 months I sent it back to the leasing co.
      I researched the vehicle in retrospect and I’m certainly not alone in this.
      They are beautiful to look at, a nice ride, and they are a prestigious ride, but they are pieces of crap.

  11. Re: the Land Rover, their evaluation must have been based on a small market area. I’ve never seen any late year model LR not depreciate straight off the lot.
    I love my rover but it’s worth about 10% of its initial purchase price.
    The exception is the Defender model, late and earlier years, which do hold their value as they are very sought after.
    Gotta run,I need to figure out how to disable my alarm system so I can actually drive mine….

    • Wranglers and rugged 4X4s reach a point where they stop depreciating. There will always be a demand for a winter beater or hull climber for the cottage, etc.

  12. This is pure garbage I own a range rover, they have terrible resale values. A 3year old Range Rover will on average lose 50 percent of its value.

  13. Very poorly written article with poor use of grammar! Definitely written by someone with little understanding of the English language!!!

    • Agree.

      Land/Range Rovers are notoriously unreliable, rapidly depreciating, ugly, oversized environmental hogs.

      Can’t understand why even someone wanting an SUV would pay up for one of these clunkers. Guess some Yuppies think they’re prestigious?
      Those pretentious herd-followers deserve what they get!

  14. I bought and kept a 1998 Ford, Ranger XLT with a cassette player and crank windows for 18 years. Paid $13,500 brand new. Never had a bit of trouble with it. Performed regular maintenance on it. Sold it because I no longer needed it. I believe I got the best bang for the buck.

    • I bought a used Ranger in 1999 for 10k. It went 414,000 miles in 17 years with the original engine, transmission, and differential gears with only regular maintenance and cheap $20. oil changes every 5k miles. Beat that Toyota! Needless to say I bought another 3.0 litre Ford Ranger.

  15. what about my 1997 Subaru Forester ? Still running fine,after 5 years left outdoors in Whistler weather !
    Too bad I loaned it to a bad driver who mucked up the side, but still running fine. I love it !

  16. I’m a used car Manager at a Landrover Dealership, I can’t buy a lease return back from the Bank at anywhere near the residual value, they send to auction and we all bid on them paying close to retail, if your wanting a late model RR you’ll pay Retail + for it, fact’
    The LR4 what is now ‘no longer’ . try and find a late model V6 under full retail book value !

    Yes ‘ I know the older LR & RR were unreliable in the past, but you find me a 3-4 yr old one that I can buy close to wholesale book value & I’ll buy it

  17. Aahh.. The old 1960s land rovers we had in the Army weren’t bad. No rust, entire thing can be unbolted and chucked across rivers in zodiacs. Swap parts with just about any other LR.
    Can get the part you need from bloody outback garages/general stores.
    Had power take-off at rear to run machines. Cook ya brekkie on the guards. *sigh*.

  18. I have never read such a load of BS I owned an American motors Jeep CJ7 for 20 years til it rusted out awesome after we got it new. Jeep is crap check consumers reports I read about the delusional Land Rover Dealer from where?? Only seems to be one car here the rest are SUV or trucks Agree with 1960 land Rovers aluminum bodies great but alas now no more. Japanese competition fixed that.Now Jeep is a Fiat snigger snigger… The only one included IMHO that is 100% correct is the CRV but these 4 cylinder engines need to go.With turbo chargers Just beating them to death!! Give me a 6 and no CVT snowmobile trannies Forget the TV screen with GPS and computer stuff Just a reliable AFFORDABLE basic 4 WD SUV for us frozen sons of bachelors in Canada Thank you

  19. Opinions….these are only opinions people. You know what they say about opinions….they are like “AS WHOLES” everyone has one.

    Ha ha

  20. Honda Jazz

    Best value least devalued car in Australia

    Also consider Suzuki Jimny they are selling for similar to new price after 2 years of use.

    • Just bought 13 years old jazz in tynemouth uk. 85 k on clock. They are on sale with 140k on. Great not so little cars. Previously a fan of astra 1.7 isuzu diesels.

  21. It is common knowledge that as soon as you drive your brand new car off the dealership parking lot, the car’s value instantly plummets. It’s a sad fact that unfortunately makes car buying even more tedious and stressful than it already is.

  22. Hyundai Terracan turbo diesel is the best vehicle I’ve ever had, so reliable, economical to run all the bells & whistles, pity they stopped exporting them to Australia…. cheers Bob..

  23. Does anyone ever take notice at how on North America… as the population increases…. there becomes more demand for cars and transportation … so more roads have to be built…. there are more vehicles on the road… this is a big reason why cars depreciate..(new or old)… the more UNITS there are of any type of product…the price typically tends to go lower. Of course … yes cars lose some of their physical qualities like fuel efficiency.. corrosion on the body …wear and tear. I would say…in north america … most modern cars driven by many people ….these cars have adequate care (ie oil and transmission fluid change)

    The more supply there is of automobiles … the lower the consumer price there is…. that goes with any product. Think about this … if Honda was made ONLY IN JAPAN…. (which it isn’t… there are Honda plants all over the world) … but if it was ONLY made in Japan then the price for a new Honda would be much greater and less affordable than what it currently is now. … they would not be able to keep up with world demand…..

  24. Bought my 2007 FJ Cruiser for $14,500 a few years ago with 87k on the clock. Now has 137k. Ads that I see are asking $17,000 to $21,000 for something like that.

  25. I bought a 1990 Dodge Spirit in
    1992 for $8000 (approx) and after about $3000 repairs over
    25 years and 300 thousand km
    it still runs like a top. No rust.

  26. Can’t beat my 2013 F350 bought it 4.5 yrs ago been to ford 2 times computer reboot & for remote sensor paid $65000 for it worth $52000 today

  27. I’ll keep my GT conv Mustang and just keep entertained reading even if it is depreciating. I did not buy it to sell it. The 268 to 409 hp comment was funny. Overclocking a PC too? I think the article is just entertaining. Buy what you want or need. I think the other expenses ARE more important. Unless you expect huge lifestyle changes like new family members or such. Then value matters obviously.

  28. Kind of funny all this.I have gone back to old Datsun 510 1600 ‘s.Guess what if you can get one in good road worthy condition expect to outlay at least 10k .Brand new they retailed for 2 or 2.5 k.My wife and me have 2 of them.No new car can match the reliability and the pleasure one gets driving one.Back in those days Nissan/Datsun knew how to build great cars.Even our cars unrestored the are worth more than what they were new and that’s taking into account of inflation.Modern cars in general have no character or soul these days.Yeah Datsun 510s are not everyone’s cup of tea but at least they are a real car with a great pedigree.Hard to find road registered Datsun 510.’s for sale as about 65% to70% are race or rally cars.How much collectors value will most new cars have in 40 or 50 years?.Apart from the body of Datsun 510’s just about everything else is available as nos or after market reproduction replacement parts.Who writes such poorly researched rubbish.??????I will stick to my Datsuns

    • My mechanic found a 72 Datsun 510 here in British Columbia with 9000 km on it .Original paint and interior , mint condition , really gross pea soup yellow .
      He takes it to car shows and gets tremendous interest in this car.

    • Did you ever see a sleeper 510 ? Had a 240 z motor from the factory. You could only tell them parked by their 240 bucket seats. Never got to drive one , had to been a blast. Only saw one. Dealer said they were made to race rally and such. Howdy from Amarillo, Texas !

  29. Keep in mind – this list said nothing about reliability or durability! Merely the vehicles folks will pay more for USED ! But – buying a used or year old SUV for more than retail says ” Its about the Brand ” & nothing to do with how well the vehicle holds up on maintenance- MOG – trade in – insurance- etc etc etc

  30. Husband has a F150, Lariat. 2016 model. Already had it in the shop twice for repairs, though paid nothing for it since it’s still under warranty. His 2008 Hummer H3 alpha had issues on and off, even though he didn’t drive it much off road. Transmission blew after four years of highway driving. Shift cables after 6 years. Took 6 weeks to get replacements. Supposedly “rugged” and indestructible vehicle, ha!! Meanwhile my Volvo V70, was going strong after 15 years and 220 000 km. Regular maintenance. Every Volvo I’ve owned has lasted 20 years minimum. With no issues. I’d be still driving one but husband hates the Volvo seats, so I’ve bought a Land Rover LR4, 2015, HSE. Most comfortable ride so far. Beautiful interior. Handles great. Just a pleasure to drive, though a V8 would have been better than the SC V6. Have to put it in sport mode if I want to really go! Bought from the dealer, one year old, had already depreciated by 9%, with only 8,000 km on it and 4 years of full warranty left. im sure it will be worth next to nothing in 10 years. does NOT like cold Whistler weather. Leave it outside in -20C for 2 days and it will barely start on day 3. Needs to be garaged. So clearly this list is rubbish and put together by who knows based on god knows what “facts”.

  31. Obviously a planted, “fake news” story made to appear as a story but is really an ad. The Rover,
    Frontier, and Impreza are some of the worse depreciating vehicles on the market.

  32. Funny the loyalty people have to specific brands. These days, the truth of it is all car makers source their parts from a short list of suppliers. And, they make parts for each other. For instance, GM makes transmissions for certain Fords, Toyotas, and Hondas. The same company that makes the dashboard for BMW’s make them for Buick. And they’re all put together by robots. So any difference in value is all perception and marketing.

    • True but some car designers come up with no hassles to work on and others have just put a drink holder in the middle of a room and designed a car around it.

  33. I call BS!!

    In 1982 some bright spark named the wheels car of the year the GM Camira.

    By 2012 the same organization had it at #6 on the list of worst cars ever made..

    Don’t buy the hype and spin peeps

  34. Take it from an old car dealer, who has bought cars at the auction for years. There is only one vehicle in this list that qualifies as having good resale value and that is the Toyota. The rest of them are a joke. Whoever did this had an ulterior motive for lying to you.

    Dewey from Phoenix

  35. My worst car ever was 1999 Jeep Grand Laredo.it cost me thousands! The last straw was when the central locking packed up in 2004 and I was told they no longer make replacement parts for this component. This news was broken to me by Chrysler Aust. Who advised me to try the wreckers yards. I had to pay over $300 to get it working again (plus the service fee).
    I traded it in immediately, sorry for the next owner.

  36. My current ride is a 1991 Lincoln Towncar,
    which still hugs the road in comfort and reliability
    as when it was new.
    For my next vehicle,
    I will definitely consider another Lincoln, plus
    Subaru Impreza, and Toyota Tacoma.

  37. Statistical data agrees with most of what I what this article states until you get to the land rover. These numbers are skewed. Perhaps it’s because Land Rovers keep going up in price so much? There is data showing Land Rovers depreciating more than 58% over a 5 year period. I grew up working in my families auto parts store and I also used to buy cars at auction and Land Rovers were by far the worst along with Audi. Beautiful automobiles but look at the big picture; depreciation, cost of ownership, and your own valuable time. I personally hate waiting around in a service department.

  38. Have had 5 Toyota 4Runners. Great vehicles with virtually no maintenance problems. Engine on one was quieter after 5 years than my brand new BMW X5. I also had a Toyota Supra Turbo back in the day. Best car I ever had.

    Owned a Subaru Forrester as well. Great car for reliability and gas mileage. Smooth ride and great handling.

    As to my BMW X5, I have had that for 7 years. Two problems. One was a leaking fuel pump. Cost me almost a thousand, but subsequently BMW refunded me the entire cost under a fuel pump recall. The other was a leak in the windshield washer tank. The plastic tank and installation cost 400 dollars. That is ridiculous. A plastic milk container could do the job. Anyway, no other issues. Great car. But, it should be for the price.

    • Need help, as a 77yr old , single woman . I hv a great 2004 Silver Toyota 8 Cyl , sports Model ,4 Runner, w towing , etc , lg tires , no mechanical repairs ever . Only just over 20,000 miles ( traveled by train to work ) . Had a scrapping acc’ t on rt side . Just repaired , looks great !,Now looking at 2018 ,Luxury FORESTER ,but only 4 cyl . Told by woman salesperson , the Turbo is very fast acting ( this frightens me ) . She has one , would not re buy the Turbo , she said ! Looked at trade value of 4 Runner (up to $9,000,per Blk Book ) . I thinl Outback is more like station wagon than truck , which I like ! That comes in 6 cyl. I like & want all the New safety features on the 2018 Forester , but so fear a 4 Cyl , car & don’t like sm trunk space ! ( many yrs ago had 4 cyl cars , no pick up , ran poorly if air cond was on ) ! Do U think the 4 cyl 2018 Luxury Forester would be O K fr me ! I don t drive much on highways . I am somewhat disabled . I need the elevation of a truck type ! I love, 8 Cyl. 4 Runner but poor visabilty on right side fr me ( had scrapping acc’ t ) ! And their 2018 Model is the Same as I hv now & it doesn’ t hv any new Safety features beside the back up camera ! Guess it needs complte re – do soon ! Please advise ! Need low maintence truck elevated type & ready to buy now ! Hv to get estimate from Subaru on my loved 2004, 8 Cyl Sport 4 Runner ,first ! Thank you fr any help !

  39. What a f$;&; joke. The Range Rover increasing in value? Lmao…this kind of misleading garbage should be banned and who ever wrote it jailed!!

  40. Owned an evoque from new for nearly three years, not had a problem. Previous Audi Q5 ,the water pump failed after a year ( from new) and all the water drained out .

  41. I thought this piece was about “Cars” and their depreciation! I bought my current “car”, a 1969 model, back in 1978 for a little over £3250, and it’s now worth nearly 100x more than what I paid for it…not a lot of depreciation going on there folks ?

  42. Why is my Comment waiting ” Moderation ” & timed @ 4:54 PM , when it is Now 1:21 PM ? I don ‘ t understand ? A Smith has owned many TOYOTA, 4 Runners & a Subaru Forester ! He likes both ! I need an Opinion on a decision to sell my 2004 , 8 cyl .4 Runner & buy a 4 Cyl 2018 , Forester ! I feel A Smith is in a position to help me !

  43. These all seem to be farmers & builders vehicles ? So what about MPVs & Saloons ? I have a Citroën C4 Grand 7 seater & it’s amazing ! 60 mpg the new ones get 70mpg ! But I’m going for a new Seat Alhambra next for extra space , limo comfort and 50mpg + !

  44. The survey states these are cars???? Not a single car in there that I can see,all 4x4s and
    SUVs although I do agree that Honda are the best value for money,I’ve been a mechanic for over 30 years in the UK, not sure if this was aimed at America and Canada, but most of those models mentioned don’t really seem to be popular in UK

  45. Acura MDX. 350k+ miles. Interior beat but functions and the only major repair was struts and shocks. 1400 but that was my fault. Too heavy aftermarket rims!!

  46. No one,repeat,no one here in Australia buys a range/land rover to go bush in,the vehicle of choice is a Toyota Landcruiser 200 diesel,diesel because it does not evaporate in the heat,it’s awful hot when that happens
    The Tojo is utterly reliable, taking my family to Wolfe Creek Crater and beyond,there are no range/land rovers when you go far outback

  47. No mention of the Toyota landcruiser? By far the best 4wd on the Rd and according to my accountant holds its price better than any other I would believe him over a report that sells the highest place to the highest bidder?

    • Totally agree- just look at what vehicles are used in the deserts of the world 1hzj’s troop carriers. But as usual it’s all about price price price then quality. Buy a turbo diesel Toyota. Easy to find spares, made for bush mechanics.
      Also I once heard if you buy a rolls Royce at18 it will save you money as it will last your lifetime.

  48. Honda 1st 2nd and every time. Dependable and honest.
    But boy if they do go wrong and it’s not possible to get a part anywhere else. OMG the price of spares.
    On the plus? We are on our third and nothing serious in 16years superb sell on value.
    Our civic went for asking price

  49. Remember the old saying ” If you want to go into the bush take a Land Rover – if you want to come back take a Toyota”

  50. It’s based on 3 year data… What about Ferrari Lamborghini Bugatti. They are all super expensive they depreciate and then appreciate in value as there are limited new cars made and sold compared to other makes eg Volkswagen. Who buys brand new cars anyway? Everyone knows to buy with less than 100k on the clock.

  51. Happy with my 05 hilux 4×2 ute/pick up.Tho I’ve done most of the work on it myself. changed alternator and clutch plate and harmonic balancer. Payed 5 grand for it and spent less than 1000$ on repairs. Work vehicle is treated like one and I do some miles. I’d recommend a diesel and an 08-12 hilux.

  52. Enjoyed all these comments. I am blessed with the best and most bullet proof ride ever.

    2013 Toyota Tundra 4×4. Only complaint is the less than stellar gas milage. That is it !

  53. My neighbor has a 22 year old Jeep with 220,000 miles on it. I borrowed it once and I was surprised that it was a good running truck compared to some of the other vehicles that I had to drive. This vehicle was passed down from his sister,to his mother, and now to him. He is not good at maintenance, but the Jeep still runs good. Also the crack about American cars not being good enough for the list, I own a Chevy Spark. My car is giving me 34mpg in the city and 40mpg on the highway. I go to Atlanta, stay 3 weeks and come home and I spend about $65.00 round trip! I have had it for about 3 years and I have only changed the oil and tires and wipers. I love my Spark!

  54. I bought a 2004 Nissan Maxima somewhere around 2008. I paid between $17-18,000 for it, a very clean, well maintained vehicle that appeared to have primarily highway mileage.

    I kept it just over six years, ended up with 155,000 miles, still running really well, then I got into my first auto accident ever and totalled the vehicle. Got $6499 back from insurance if I remember correctly. I was mad at myself because it was paid off and gave me the best service and performance of any vehicle I have owned before or since.

    The Maxima at one point in time defined what a sports luxury sedan was. Other brands have passed it in popularity, but in my 40+ years of driving and auto ownership it still gets my nod, at least for my idea of a car that is very comfortable to drive, performs well, is costly initially, but required only basic maintenance until at least 110,000 miles.

    I’d love to see if the current model compares to the ones from the eighties, nineties and early 2000s. If so they are worth every penny, especially if you drive over 30 miles to work on a regular basis.

  55. Looking forward to jeep reliability now owned by Fiat… probably the least reliable manufacturer in the world along with Peugeot and land rover …

  56. The article is not about reliability, it’s about depreciation, which translates to what people will pay. The oddity is that people read car reviews and seek out vehicles based on manufacturer reviews rather than consumer reviews. Toyotas have a tendency to hold their value better than most because of their reliability. But I’m surprised that the f150 didn’t make the cut. They hold their value based on reviews of the 5.4l triton motor, looks, and reliability.

  57. There is no such thing as a reliable Landrover. It does not exist. It was judged one of the world’s most unreliable cars several times by diffirent statistics companies.

  58. Having bought 5 new, or near new, Land Rovers in a row (driving around 35,000 miles a year) and having just ordered a new Range Rover, I hope I’m qualified to make two observations:
    1. The depreciation on my current Discovery 4 (LR4) is glacially slow (although that might have something to do with its revolting successor leaving the 4’s in a seller’s market).
    2. A lot of people often queue to say nasty things about LR reliability, but give little information on what they’ve owned, how old it was or even how it was maintained. I’m often left thinking that some of these people are 13 year old dreamers, whose first driving licence is still a few years away!
    Please, let’s have some convincing detail to back up all of these vague accusations .

  59. On another note somewhat related to this article, I own a new-to-me 2010 Benz E63 AMG. It had fewer than 35K miles on it when I bought it for less than a third of its $102,955 MSRP. Even high dollar vehicles depreciate although they do tend to reach a bottom and begin a resurgence after 10+ years depending upon what they are. I love the beast especially for the exhaust note emanating from the all aluminum naturally aspirated 379 cubic inch V8. It’s seriously fast and will pass pretty much anything on the road except for a gas station. The mileage is truly abysmal, but that’s not what I bought it for ;>)

  60. who comes up with this crap, all range rovers depreciate like crazy and once they are 7yrs old and reach 90k miles nobody wants them because they break down constantly

  61. here’s another one the Mercedes G-class is one of the most depreciating suvs within the first 2 years. A new AMG G-CLASS costs about 180k you can get a 6month old one with about 10k miles for $130k to 140k that’s at least a $40k drop within the first year

  62. We have a 2012 RR Sport. Bought it when it was 2 years old. Original sale price was 96k, we paid 60k.

    So far, there was one issue with a leaking transmission line that was fixed under warranty, and a weird electrical fault that caused the vehicle to turn off randomly in the middle of driving.

    Now have 110 000km on it, and it’s worth about 35-40k maybe.

    We really like it, very capable vehi me and great in our Canadian winters. Every vehicle has its flaws though. A few months ago I just had to spend 5k rebuilding the engine on my 2010 RAM….

  63. My 1928 Ford Model A has depreciated very little over the 40 years I’ve owned it. Maintenance wise my 1962 Daimler SP250 had to have a new water pump after 54 years. What has happened to quality control. I ask you! The 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser could stand a paint job. I am regularly offered much more for my 1999 Jeep Comanche or Jeep Grand Cherokee than I paid for either of them with over 350,000 problem free km on each of them.
    My son can easily sell his Subaru Impreza for more than he paid for it. My wife has almost 300,000km on her Ford escape.
    If you change the oil, wax it and keep it covered even a terrible car can be a good investment if you keep it long enough, except a Range rover.

  64. If you can fix your own car buy a land rover if you have somebody doing the work for you stay away from it, looks like everybody who has a land rover or atleast most of them do not do there own work to there cars and lose money to other people I own a 2011 Land Rover RRS Supercharged as my daily and do not have all these issues everyone else seems to be having although it’s seems to me like everybody is having them with LRs but me I’m sure there is others like me who drive LRs with no problems and repair them on there own to save a lot of money

  65. The Toyota Hilux Pickup and the Landcruiser are the basis for rebel armies in some of the most demanding environments on earth, and they just keep going. I imagine the British Army spends a left nut on maintaining their defenders.