Top 10 New Luxury Cars


102016 Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera comes with 310hp, V-6, 3.6L engine. It has many brilliant features like driveline traction control, 4-wheels ABS, auto air conditioning, integrated navigation system, aluminum wheels (19”), seven-speed automatic transmissions, and cruise control. Its airbags include curtain overhead airbags for both the rows (1st and 2nd), side seat mounted, back-side impact and driver’s and passenger’s knee. It is also equipped with airbag occupancy sensor and electronic stability.


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  1. Lexus needs to get away from its awful wide-open mouth radiator / grill design!
    Don’t their incompetent designers know anything ! ? 🙁

  2. I 100 percent agree with Hartmut. We had a Lexus before the “big mouth” grill design. We wanted to buy another Lexus but went with a competitor. The designers really messed up, what had been, an aesthetically appealing automobile.