Top 10: Used convertibles for £3000 or less


If you are looking forward to buy a convertible, then winter is the best time for you to bag one. As almost every trader and dealer looks forward to clear their forecourts for the trending cars, there are huge chances that you make big savings.
You have a plenty of options with a budget of £3000. So why wait any long to celebrate winter with a great deal.

10Audi TT

Audi TT has always been a top choice in the eyes of trendy buyers since its launch. The convertible version added a feather to its crown of success. £3000 isn’t actually too much to spend on such an amazing car that has made a great image since beginning. You will find great choices in the 2000/2001 models, though mileage might be a hidden issue.
Most of them are fitted with the 228PS 1.8-litre motor which provides a satisfactory performance, while the quattro four-wheel drive system adds is more useful all-weather security. You must check everything works properly, as earlier cars had certain reliability issues.


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