Top 10 Used Small Cars For 3000 GBP


Small cars are getting famous than ever. While these cars cater to most of the uses rendered by bigger cars, they come at a modest price. The services that these little wonders render are great when compared to the price paid. They are superb stuff for urban drive way uses. Occasionally, they cater to long-drive needs as well. There are lots of small made used cars that you can use to cope with your everyday errands for a decent budget anywhere from £2500 through £3000.

You are looking for a perfect used car that will come to you with some decent equipment for a reasonable running cost. You want to buy a used car that will not want you to compromise on the comfort factor in the driving process.
If this is what you are looking for, here we have the top 10 list of the small used cars to choose from:

10Ford Fiesta

The Mk Fiesta provides you with the comfort of an enthusiastic drive, despite being a small car. The running cost is affordable for this small well-rounded car, which indeed is an obvious choice for many.

Despite being small, this is a very accommodative model. You have lots of Mk Fiesta to take in the used car market. If you have a £3000 budget, you will well be able to find a petrol feasible model of Zetec or Ghia to drive home.


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